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User Deletion Process via Email:

1. User Request:
Please email with your Name, Surname, email address, cellphone number and country. We will then follow the process below to have your personal details removed from our system.
2. Confirmation of User Identity:
To ensure the security of the account, we will verify the user's identity. This might involve asking the user to provide specific information such as account username, registered email address, or other identifying details.
3. Acknowledgment of Request:
An acknowledgment email will be sent to the user, confirming that their account deletion request has been received and is being processed.
The support team will review the user's account to ensure that it meets the criteria for deletion. This may involve checking for any outstanding payments, obligations, or issues.
4. Compliance Check:
Ensure that the account deletion process aligns with legal and regulatory requirements. If specific information needs to be retained for legal reasons, the user will be informed about this. e.g. transaction data retained for Fraud.
5. Confirmation Email:
Send a confirmation email to the user, detailing the account deletion request and providing information on the implications. Once the user confirms the deletion via email the deletion will be initiated.
6. Deletion Process Initiation:
Once the user confirms the deletion request, initiate the account deletion process. This will include the removal of all personal data and associated information from the system.
7. Final Confirmation Email:
A final email will be sent to the user confirming that their account has been successfully deleted with any additional information or instructions if necessary.

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